Ekphrasis – Weird Interbreeding – CD

Band: Ekphrasis

Label: Unicorn Digital

Format: CD


French progressive rock band EKPHRASIS, based in the south of France, EKPHRASIS is a progressive metal band created in 2020 by Benjamin Savariau.

With diverse influences, EKPHRASIS Brings together musicians from various musical backgrounds (fusion, metal, soul, jazz, etc.) taken on the challenge of mixing all the styles that come their way. Musical research has always been at the center of the group’s concerns in order to find a place for itself in the international metal scene.

1. Whispers from Erebos
2. Breaking Colours
3. I’d never Thought to Try
4. A Maze In Oneiroi II
5. Modal Work
6. Nova
7. Through The Mirror
8. Gaïa’s Equanimity
9. Weird Interbreeding
10. The Father’s Piece

GENRE: Progressive Rock
BARCODE: 777078612373