Ab’bhau – Devastaciones Bajo Et Fulgor Del Vacio – Vinyl

Band: Ab’bhau

Label: Cavsas/Cyclic

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: CS004LP


Ab’bhau’s debut album was forged in fire in the year 2018 after mysterious live apparitions and rehearsal sessions. The aim behind this first exploration was void invocation, void materialization. The project is formed by established musicians of the Spanish underground noise, experimental, and metal scene. Connections to bands and projects like Black Earth, Suspiral, Inhumankind, Phicus, Triple Zero, Gárgara, or Sudaria can be traced.

The ritualistic essence of this artistic incarnation is based upon the rupture of repetitive patterns
through improvisation as a medium to convey abject forces into the shape of what the band has called ‘Black Metal Destruktion’, stemming Heideggerian terminology. A form that appears to disappear or to be registered, but impossible to reproduce. Even though the recordings vary on the album formats, they are the same album, the same whole, the same essence… exhaled through three different forms of sonic manifestation. Artwork by Heresie Studio.

LP Edition of 300 copies in Matt Laminated Sleeve with Black paper Innersleeve.

GENRE: Experimental Black Ambient Drome
BARCODE: 694536563513