Alice In Wonderband – Rikataka – CD

Band: Alice In Wonderband

Label: Cpl Music

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: CPL064


Balkan sounds with a difference! The Alice In WonderBand from Serbia celebrates an unusual and
convincing genre mix on their debut album “RikaTaka”. The duo is not afraid of new sounds!
Acoustic and unusual sounds combine with the music tradition of the Balkans. Folk songs from
Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Greece, Turkey, Kosovo and even
Hungary make you curious about the rich musical tradition of the region.

Alice In WonderBand is a long-standing project of musicians and theatre makers Ana Vrbaski and
Marko Dinjaski from the city of Novi Sad. The two have been a couple for 24 years, both on stage
and in their private lives. The couple’s two children are now grown up, so the two artists can make a
fresh start in their middle years. Ana and Marko not only perform on stage, but also give theatre
classes for children and young people and offer body music workshops.

Alice In WonderBand’s live performances incorporate elements of body music and body percussion.
Their performance is a mixture of dance, movement and music. The musicians take the audience on a
journey through the Balkans. At the end of a concert, artists and audience are a singing and clapping
community. “We combine music, theatre, dance, movement and acrobatics with the art of body music
and use the body as a rhythmic instrument,” the two artists report.

GENRE: World Serbia
BARCODE: 4251329500641