Am Himmel – Am Himmel – Vinyl

Band: Am Himmel

Label: Burning World Records

Format: Vinyl


First album by mystifying entity called Am Himmel lead by M, who is active in many band and under a lots of (dis)guises. Am Himmel is the ecclesiastical nightmare formed by emanations from the metaphysical voids trapped in the eternal light. A starless kingdom bereft of celestial pureness. Strange rituals in the gothic catacombs of christianity and insanity.
Sounds like: synth heavy doomgaze with a strong hint of raw black metal.
FFO Lurker Of Chalice, Xasthur, Vrörsaath

1. Bleared By The Infinite Wings
2. The Patience And Silence Of A Saint’s Death
3. The Virgin Wages Celestial War In The Seraphim Courts
4. The Fumes Of Thy Preposterous Torment
5. The Bewildering Firstling Thrusts The Knife Into Her Brother
6. As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow

GENRE: Black Metal/Doom/Metal
BARCODE: 9508752338422