Ancient – Eerily Howling Winds – Gatefold Transparent Red Vinyl

Band: Ancient

Label: Soulseller Records

Format: Vinyl


The complete early works by the early Norwegian black metal band Ancient! All the recordings are the raw versions from the demos, with no re-mastering or editing done. We chose to keep the recordings in their pure form, to keep the old raw feeling they had back in the days. These recordings were the very
roots of Ancient, what got them noticed in the underground scene worldwide back in 1993/1994. Included are: Demo 1992, Eerily Howling Winds demo 1993, Det Glemte riket 7”ep 1994 and Trolltaar pre-producrtion 1994.

1.Eerily Howling Winds 03:42
2.The Call Of The Absu Deep 05:27
3.Det Glemte Riket 07:31
4.Trumps Of An Archangel 03:44
5.Paa Evig Vandring 07:57
6.Likferd 04:41
7.Det Glemte Riket 07:41 (Demo ’92)
8.Det Glemte Riket 06:55
9.Huldradans 05:56
10.Trolltaar 06:10
11.Nattens Skjønnhet 08:00

GENRE: Black Metal
BARCODE: 3663663009239