Ars Moriendi – Le Silence Deraisonnable Du Ciel – CD

Band: Ars Moriendi

Label: Archaic Sound

Format: CD


It’s been a while since Arsonist (the sole member of the band) gave us a dose of his mindfucking progressive black metal. While I am sure it’s fun for Arsonist to see how much he can shove into a song, they’re still songs with structure and uniqueness. While there are plenty o’ one-person black metal bands with this much content, no one can entirely craft a piece like Arsonist. Everything we know of traditional black and atmoblack is on Le Silence Déraisonnable du Ciel. Once you dive in, there is no way you can ignore the amount of musical talent here. Le Silence Déraisonnable du Ciel is, without a doubt, the progressive black metal record of the year. (Angry Metal Guy)

1.Savonarole 11:01
2.Brescia 1512 10:56
3.Le viatique et l’oraison 12:13
4.Un néant à l’égard de l’infini 15:05
5.Enivrons-nous 06:14

GENRE: Atmospheric Progressive Black Metal
BARCODE: 0799475788996