Beldon Haigh – World Got So Dumb – Vinyl


Band: Beldon Haigh

Label: Covfefe Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: Beldon Haigh



– Beldon Haigh are a 6 piece Indi Rock band from Falkirk, Scotland.
– World Got So Dumb is the Debut Album
– Beldon Haigh play and appear live in world famous masks of Trump. Putin and Kim Jong Un
– The band are famous for viral video’s of singles Dumpster Fire, Fools Rules, Money Back and White House Meltdown which all achieved more than 1M online streams
– The band have been featured in The Sunday Express, STV News, The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, Ear Milk, Subaculcha, Bored City, Music Crowns, Press party, Plastic Mag, Mazic, Flex, Indi Music, Celeb Mix, Music Cliché and many more.
– The songs are famous for social and political messing and vivid storytelling
– Beldon Haigh have been featured on various BBC local and national stations, in session on the Jon Holmes show and various regional commercial stations
– More than 300,000 online followers on FB/Insta
– 21K You Tube subscribers
– More than 6 M streams on YT
– Appearing at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Dumpster Fire
Money Back
World Got So Dumb
Any Way You Want It
Old Black Eye
Soap Machine
Life Is Hard
Watching The World Go By

GENRE: Rock/Pop/Indie
BARCODE: 5065020023007
RELEASE DATE: 03/05/2024

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