Believer – Gabriel – CD

Band: Believer

Label: Bombworks Records

Format: CD


2009 album from the late ’80s/early ’90s technical-Thrash Metallers, their first new album in 15 years. Gabriel includes guest appearances from Joe Rico (Sacrifice), Deron Miller (CKY/World Under Blood) and Rocky Gray (Evanescence/Soul Embraced/Living Sacrifice) amongst others. Remastered to  perfection by Bombworks Sound and fans are also treated to a special layout designed for collectors, by none other than NoLifeTilMetal’s Scott Waters! This is elite thrash metal that fits nicely alongside the band’s early speed/thrash albums as well as Slayer, Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, and Municipal Waste!

The band does do some creative things with the last three tracks, but make no mistake – this is full on, in-your-face technical thrash METAL and it will melt the hearts of even the coldest critics. Every CD comes with a special foil-stamped collector’s card. Put this CD in your player, and prepare for non-stop metallic destruction!

1 Medwton Guitar [Solo] – Deron Miller / Vocals [Voices] – William Keller 7:23
2 A Moment In Prime / Guitar [Solo] – Joe Rico / Violin – Scott Laird 6:08
3 Stoned / Guitar [Solo] – Jim Winters 4:33
4 Redshift 5:21
5 History Of Decline / Guitar [Solo] – Jim Winters 3:49
6 The Need For Conflict 5:14
7 Focused Lethality / Guitar [Solo] – Rocky Gray 3:47
8 Shut Out The Sun 5:38
9 The Brave / Vocals – Howard Jones 4:19
10 Nonsense Mediated Decay / Concept By [Story] – John Boden / Vocals [Voices] – Alexander Boden, John Boden 8:50
11 Circus 0:29
12 Coordinates 0:24
13 Freedom 4:57