Betrayal – Renaissance By Death – CD

Band: Betrayal

Label: Girder Records

Format: CD


Betrayal was a forerunner of technical thrash metal. The band was formed early on as Martyr, but after a few personnel changes, they changed their name to Betrayal. Betrayal was actually considered a new band, separate from Martyr, but however you label them, their first album, ‘Renaissance By Death’ set the standard for techincal thrash metal. This album has been completely remastered and now includes both songs from their “Fear Be Gone” cassette single, as well as the 4-song Demo, Reviling Darkness from 1991. It also comes with a huge 12 page booklet. The album is a mixture of progressive thrash, dark gothic overtones, somber acoustic passages, and even hints of early death metal. It’s furious and technical. A spiritual assault on the forces of darkness.

Renaissance By Death starts off with this incredible instrumental that is epic with keys, dulcimer and then dives deep into a dark minor doom-like progression that is slow and dark. The second song The Invitation sets the tone for this albums that kicks into high gear with turns and with speed fluctuations. Double bass, non-growling vocals abound on this album with some very unique guitar tones. The vocals are reminiscent of early Crucified, Believer and Slayer. The album also boast some of the greatest song titles such as Mortal Flesh, Prophets of Baal, Escaping the Altar and more. However this version will contain correct spelling of all song titles. ; )

Renaissance By Death
The Invitation
Fallen Deceived
More Faith Than Me
Escaping the Altar
Assassins In the Midst
Mortal Flesh
Stroll Thru a Wicked Age
Prophets of Baal
Plead the Blood
Fear Be Gone (Single)
Fallen Deceived (Industrial Remix)
Prophets of Baal
Fear Be Gone
When Darkness Reigns

GENRE: Thrash/Metal
BARCODE: 765531345302