Brain Damage Meets Big Youth – Beyond The Blue – CD

Band: Brain Damage Meets Big Youth

Label: Jarring Effects

Format: CD


The iconic Big Youth and the inspiring Brain Damage meet in this album for a subtle blend of reggae and jazz.

Big Youth is in great shape! He brilliantly signs his return with that album, made up almost exclusively of new pieces, the first in many years! The Jamaican Big Youth, has lost none of his verve. Sparkling and inexhaustible, distilling an amazing variety of vocal styles, that he created himself, he recalls at once “the old days”, the golden age of Jamaican reggae in the 1960 & 70’s, performs his version somewhat conspiracist, of the sanitary crisis, evokes his faith and tells about love … while perfectly merging
into each universe offered by Brain Damage.

As if we are delighted to hear the elder’s shape and inventiveness, Brain Damage is definitely not outdone and overhauls his style once again for the occasion. Always more musical, his compositions integrate diverse influences, hitherto untapped by him, like jazz, blues, ska, rock-steady … enhanced by the wonderful and smooth horn arrangements signed by Franck Boyron and his sidekicks, Baptiste Sarat and Fred Roudet.

The whole, drawing on a production that left nothing to chance, surely is a new cornerstone of Brain Damage rich discography that keeps us wondering how far it will take us anew.

1. 2020 I Pray Thee
2. Educated Fools
3. Good to Talk
4. Wareika Hill
5. Beyond the Blue
6. Biological Warfare
7. Mama Africa
8. Grandma’s Joint
9. Dying Too Young
10. Those Days
11. Tomorrow Is Another Day
12. Play It Again

GENRE: Reggae
BARCODE: 3521383465158