Carcharodon – Sbhorror – Gold And Black Vinyl


Band: Paraphilia

Label: Vacation House Recordings

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: VHR1013C


With Carcharodon fun is guaranteed! Even just the title of this fourth album by these Italian metal-maniacs is frankly brilliant. We find ourselves in front of a mixture of genres ranging from thrash metal to grindcore, with gut-twisting stoner-doom braking. The roots lie in well-known terrains such as Crowbar and Entombed, with a good dose of 80s speed metal.

The album is aggressive, raw, solid, the content is there and it is heavy as a boulder. Mountain moving riffs, bluesy roots, whiskey bottles here and there, and so much more! An album that does not tire even for a second, where in addition to a good performance by the group, an iconoclastic spirit stands out which does not look so much at taking itself too seriously as at raising the bar of an extremism of its own, regardless of the corpses scattered on the pavement after the passage of the megalodon! The cover is created by the digital collage artist Riccardo Bettazzoni.

Don’t miss if you’re into Entombed, Crowbar, Exciter, Motorhead and Autopsy too metal riffs!!!
…and YES! another gorgeous Vacation House Recordings Solid Black Marble limited edition LP for your vinyl collection! *** Limited edition Gold/Black Super Marble Vinyl 140gr. (100 units worldwide)

Track Listing:
side A
1 Lewd
2 Spaceborne Casket
3 Cold Cuts
4 Frozen Piss Knife
side B
1 S.T.S.
2 Beak Life
3 The Shedding

GENRE: Thrash Metal/Stoner Doom
BARCODE: 0642613666619
RELEASE DATE: 15/03/2024

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