Celestial Season – Mysterium I – Vinyl

Band: Celestial Season

Label: Burning World Records

Format: Vinyl


Dutch metal band Celestial Season have had quite the trajectory. Originally an early death/doom
metal band, having released their first material in 1992, the band developed a romantic, violin‐led
sound which partially mirrored (but mostly coincidentally existed with) the classic Peaceville sound.
Releasing two gothic/death/doom metal albums in the early‐to‐mid 1990s (please check out Solar
Lovers), Celestial Season abruptly shifted to a more stoner‐oriented sound, casting off their original
doom metal sound for half a decade before folding in 2001.

The year 2011 brought about Celestial Season’s surprise return, but the past eleven years have only
given birth to one album. 2020’s The Secret Teachings, which brought about the return of their
original, sad sound. In 2022, we are blessed with yet another Celestial Season album. Mysterium I is,
to my delight, a further continuation of that classic 1990s gloomy doom sound. Featuring a heavier
approach, especially in its chorus, lead single and Mysterium I opener “Black Water Mirrors,” which
was intiially released as a flexi by Decibel Magazine, balances death/doom’s immensity with a tender
touch and emotional core. It’s like their stoner period never even happened at all.

1. Black Water Mirrors
2. The Golden Light Of Late Day
3. Sundown Transcends Us
4. This Glorious Summer
5. Endgame
6. All That Is Known

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