Clavicvla – Degeneracy Of The 5th Density – Vinyl

Band: Clavicvla

Label: Cyclic Law

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: 183RDCYCLELP
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Italian black ambient/death industrial demon Clavicvla is back with its most perverse and deranged work yet, once again in proud partnership with illustrious US Black Metal/Industrial colleagues Sentient Ruin. From the artwork to the titles and themes, the intent of new fulllength offering “Degeneracy of the 5th Density” is clear: worshipping and glorifying perversions, deviancy and immorality in their every form and shape. With these nefarious intents sole mastermind Ittiel has orchestrated the rise of this third aural plague of his around a creeping miasma of monstrous sepulchral ambience reeking from the ruptured bowels of oblivion, unfolding a forty-five minute sonic nightmare of absolutely omnipotent repulsiveness.

Corroding reality like a biblical plague, Ittiel has invoked these eight tracks of nefarious black ambient bedlam from a putrid death-scarred fog begotten of hell, conceptualizing its inverted spawn with blood freezing synthesis and a regurgitation of deconstructed soundscapes and wretched utterings hissing blasphemies from beyond the mortal plane. Dark ambient, black industrial, ritual drone, noise and subsonic horrors of all kinds are distilled by the demiurge into a sonic morass of total suffering and terror, and ritualized into a soundtrack to every broken soul’s most hidden, vile and foul impulses.

As usual cryptic and hermetically malignant in its bestial craft, it is not entirely clear or discernible what Ittiel’s broken mind has conceived lyrically and thematically speaking in this new chapter of his abominable creation, but one can rest assured that immeasurable dissolution and abandon into the most depraved depths of perversion remain the ultimate prize of these noisome incantations that insult life and innocence at the most humiliating extremes imaginable.

Vinyl edition on standard black vinyl inside a matte laminated jacket with printed inner
sleeves, black flood inside the pocket. 8 Tracks. Running Time 45:30

GENRE: Dark Ambient
BARCODE: 0679628554129