Cruentus – Night Embrace Me – CD

Band: Cruentus

Label: Thrash Corner Records

Format: CD


Cruentus was formed in Norrköping Sweden in 1998. Martin Öhman and Petter Bocian first started the band and shortly Fredrik Larsson(Kamell) joined. With influences mainly revolving around Scandinavian extreme metal bands, such as Edge of Sanity, Dissection, Entombed, At the Gates, Amorphis and Dark Tranquillity, but also from acts like Metallica and Iron Maiden, the group had a strong musical ground evolve from.

1. Slain
2. At The Remains
3. Blurred Visions
4. Wonders
5. Accidental Suicide
6. C.E.E.
7. Second Of The Season
8. The Defleshed
9. A Fist From Within
10. Each Dawn I Die
11. The Murderer’s Crown (Bonus Track)

GENRE: Black/Thrash/Death
BARCODE: 195269085063