Dalila Kayros – Animami – Vinyl

Band: Dalila Kayros

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl


ANIMAMI composed between 2019 and 2021 by Dalila Kayros and Danilo Casti, draws the steps of a mystic journey inside the unconscious. The album tells about discovering the dark side of the mind as an endless path of inner transformation, a journey into consciousness facing all shadows hidden inside. Through a magical rite, the unintegrated part of the self gets merged into a more complex totality. From the deep black sea to the dawn of a new transmutation. Every transformation process is always in progress because every beginning is the end of something therefore every end is the beginning of something else. 

Animàmi is how I named the shadows hidden in mind, entities living in the unconscious and forming a chaotic matter melted with thought and emotions. They are vanishing but visible and capable of appearing in multiple shapes. The composition follows the step of a mystic journey, the rhythm sometimes is veiled inside the main sound object and the harmonic texture follows the fluxes of the consciousness. The voice tells about the feelings during this mystic process, everything is happening in the moment so the character’s point of view is totally inside the experience.

GENRE: Electronic/Experimental
BARCODE: 0631978873336