Den Sorte Dod – Undergangen – Vinyl

Band: Den Sorte Dod

Label: Cyclic Law

Format: Vinyl


Reissue of the limited self release album from 2019. Den Sorte Død (The Black Death) is a ritual performance by artists Offermose and Angst. From deep within the dark forests of Sweden a depressive spell is cast. Drawn-out and haunting notes ooze eerily from distorted keys, conjuring up images of underground landscapes crawling with unseen apparitions. A lone silhouette wanders endlessly through sunless deserts and smoldering wastelands. Low rumbling echoes from distant mountains, releasing a putrid cloud of ever-shifting forms. Offermose & Angst returns as Den Sorte Død. Bringing apocalyptic prophecies of cosmic dimensions.

Vinyl Edition of 300 copies in 3mm sleeve, matt lamination. 7 Tracks.

GENRE: Dungeon Synth/Ambient
BARCODE: 0679628554006 Running Time. 36:18