Dirtbag Republic – Tear Down Your Idols – CD

Band: Dirtbag Republic

Label: Shock Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: SR00004CD


Vancouver, Canada based glam / punk quintet hit back with their third album, ‘Tear Down Your Idols.’ Formed from the ashes of much heralded and beloved Canadian act The Mcrackins by frontman Sandy Hazard, who had initially made his name in Canadian rock annals with mid 80s / early 90s glamsters Pretty Boy Floyd /Tommy Floyd (not the MCA band), Hazard has guided DIRTBAG REPUBLIC through two previous highly regarded and critically acclaimed albums. ‘Tear Down Your Idols’ sees the band, influenced equally by Hanoi Rocks and the Dead Boys leaning in a more commercial direction with the singles “Wannabees” and “Days are Gone” leading the way.

As for the title, Hazard tells it like it is: “It comes from a few different angles, actually. People like to discover a band and hang onto them dearly when they are lesser known. If they suddenly blow up and become wildly popular, they get a stigma attached to them and people like to “tear them down” a notch or call them a sellout. Another instance I’ve noticed is when you see some of the classic bands from the 80s who have had either health problems or are not regularly active live. Some of them sound like their expiration was due long ago and are just trying to milk their legacy. These two lines in the song perfectly sums up that aspect. “

Tear Down your Idols was produced by Hazard and guitarist Mick Wood and mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem, Danko Jones, Billy Talent, etc)

01 ‐ Main Objective
02 ‐ Skinny
03 ‐ Wannabees
04 ‐ Days are Gone
05 ‐ Don’t Answer to No One
06 ‐ Tear Down Your Idols
07 ‐ Sorry
08 ‐ Did All I Could
09 ‐ Superficial
10 ‐ When I Was Young

GENRE: Rock/Punk
BARCODE: 850014171087