Dr. Strangely Strange – Radio Sessions – CD

Band: Dr. Strangely Strange

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CD


Irish psychedelic folkies Dr Strangely Strange were active from 1968 – 1971. Their two Joe Boyd-produced albums from that era, Kip Of The Serenes (Island) and Heavy Petting (Vertigo), are both highly sought after by collectors.

In their heyday, the band recorded only two BBC radio sessions, a Top Gear slot and an In Concert, both with John Peel. Frustratingly, the BBC’s tapes were wiped, but after extensive research with European collectors, TLAK has been able to locate off-air recordings of both sessions, which have been painstakingly restored. Added to these are brief radio sessions for Dutch and Danish radio sourced from the original recordings, as well as a Dublin rehearsal take of Sign On My Mind featuring Gary Moore, a friend of the band and guest on Heavy Petting.

The accompanying 24-page illustrated booklet featuring previously unpublished photos has been compiled by Strangelies biographer Adrian Whittaker.

1. Sign On My Mind (Rehearsal Take, 1 April 1970)
2. Ashling (Top Gear, 6 June 1970)
3. Mary Malone Of Moscow (Top Gear, 6 June 1970)
4. Frosty Mornings (In Concert, 1 Nov 1970)
5. Horse Of A Different Hue (In Concert, 1 Nov 1970)
6. On The West Cork Hack (In Concert, 1 Nov 1970)
7. Ballad Of The Wasps (In Concert, 1 Nov 1970)
8. Sweet Red Rape (In Concert, 1 Nov 1970)
9. Gave My Love An Apple (Dutch Radio, 9 April 1971)
10. Sign On My Mind (Danish Radio, 20 April 1971)
11. interview (Danish Radio, 20 April 1971)

GENRE: Rock/Psych-Folk
BARCODE: 782706673374