Fadeaways, The – She Explosivo My Mind – Vinyl

Band: Fadeaways, The

Label: Soundflat

Format: Vinyl


After their two hit-albums “Teenage Hitsville!!!” and “Transworld 60’s Punk Nuggets” SOUNDFLAT RECORDS now releases the latest hot 7” by Tokyo’s wild garage-punk-trio THE FADEAWAYS: “She Explosivo My Mind”! This raw, maximum-energy, lo-fi vinyl-gem is dedicated to the crazy garagepunkers LOS EXPLOSIVOS, the band’s Mexican brothers within the global garagepunk-family. And explosive it is indeed! The A-Side and title-song of this single is loud, fast and out of control! Singer Toyozo’s screaming vocals alongside guitarist Assman’s raw punk’n’roll-guitar and drummer Ozzy’s stomping beat are absolutely gonna wipe you out!

Just as you think to yourself, it doesn’t get any wilder and more garage-punk’n’roll than this, the flipside will make you think twice – the boys’ fantastic coverversion of the R&B-classic “Louie Louie” (original by Richard Berry) is really something else! You can definitely hear THE SONICS’ and LOS EXPLOSIVOS’ influence in their version, while they add their own powerful and raw FADEAWAYS-energy to the song.
So prepare yourselves: this 7” is truly gonna explosivo your minds!!

1. She Explosivo My Mind
1. Louie Louie

GENRE: Garage/Punk/Rock
BARCODE: 4250137288383