Farflung – 25000 Feet Per Second – Vinyl

Band: Farflung

Label: Sulatron

Format: Vinyl


Sulatron fulfills an old wish: To get the debut album by Farflung on vinyl!
Back in the year 1995 it was out on CD only (Flipside Records) but in early 2022 it will be out on high quality wax, remastered, with a bonustrack, 30x30cm inlay and downloadcode! YEAH!
This album combines heavy spacerock (or spacepunk) with cosmic sounds and trance. Especially Sulatron’s favourite track Landing on Cydonia combines these trademarks even with Berlin School like electronica in a phantastic way.

Farflung was founded in 1994 around the core members Tommy Grenas (also in Pressurehead, Anubian Lights, The Brain, Chrome, Brainticket, Damo Suzuki’s Network, Nik Turner’s Space Ritual…) and Michael Esther (The Brain, Damo Suzuki’s Network, Nik Turner’s Space Ritual…).
In 2021 they recorded a new album which will be out in 2022 on Sulatron as well.
LP on clear 180 gr. vinyl, plus full size inlay, bonustrack, downloadcode, lim. to 500 copies!

Seite A:
Track 1 Solar Electric 02:59
Track 2 Open Your Mouth 03:11
Track 3 Don’t forget to breath 03:33
Track 4 25000 Feet per Second 06:36
Track 5 Greater Waters 07:02
Seite B:
Track 1 Landing on Cydonia 14:30
Track 2 Hot Fluffy Mind 04:02
Track 3 The Way the Sky Is 03:34 (bonustrack!)

GENRE: Acidrock/Psychedelic/Krautrock
BARCODE: 9120031191278