Fetters – We Deserve To Die – CD

Band: Fetters

Label: Pacific Threnodies

Format: CD


FETTERS is a gothic death industrial duo formed in Morro Bay, California in 2015, and immediately began performing across the West Coast in support of their first manifest, “Sicken” (Sol Y Nieve). Since that time, they have performed at black metal and industrial festivals across the USA and the world, with appearances at Red River Family Fest (Austin, TX), No Fest (Los Angeles, CA), Midstate Metal Fest (San Luis Obispo, CA), Northeast Dungeon Siege (online streaming event), and an exclusive pre-festival appearance for Waves of Darkness on The Baltic Sea (Stockholm, Sweden).

They have toured with LINGUA IGNOTA (power electronics), AYLWIN (black metal), and SOOT (death industrial), and shared the stage with a wide variety of acts including CROWHURST (noise), SUTEKH HEXEN (blackened noise), MACHINE GIRL (hardcore techno), VOLAHN (black metal), among many others. Of their sound, Sol Y Nieve writes: “All of the standard trappings of typical death industrial are there – barked and indecipherable vocals, cold synths, stabbing and throbbing percussion – but are arranged with an attention to song structure and an unnerving accessibility that are rare within the scene. Think TxRxP hosting a goth dance party and you start to get an idea of where this project is going.” “We Deserve to Die” is a gothic industrial darkwave record acutely focused on man-made apocalypse.

Featuring guest vocals by Dylan Travis (Some Ember, Kælan Mikla), artwork by Johnny Decker Miller, and mastered by Martin Bowes (Trepaneringsritualen, NiN, Coil), this is an oppressive work that evokes both sorrow and righteous anger through its unique combination of heavy synthesizers, throbbing beats, and lyrical themes that parallel psychic self-destruction of the individual with the ecological self-destruction wrought by humanity, delivered with deep, death metal-styled harsh vocals. For all its aggression, the record remains surprisingly accessible through emotive composition, driving rhythms, and an ever-present atmosphere of dark ambiance.

GENRE: Industrial
BARCODE: 195269124229

1. No Future
2. What Will Become of Us?
3. We Have Nothing
4. Our Concrete Sepulchres
5. Prodigal Sons
6. Birthright
7. Them That Are His
8. Learned Helplessness
9. The Dying Light