Fran Ashcroft – A Tour Of British Duck Ponds – CD

Band: Fran Ashcroft

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: TLAK1145


TLAK Goes DIY series presents A Tour Of British Duck Ponds by Fran Ashcroft. Best known as the record producer with a skill for using the minimum number of microphones and tracks to get the best sound. In this return to artistry, his solo album was recorded completely at home where he played every instrument himself. The very eccentric British tour is characterized by his “less is more” approach across its ten songs, driven for the most part by quirky, keyboard based tunes that will remain in your head long after you’ve heard them and whose subject matter may be ironically offensive.

1. The Head Of John The Baptist
2. Little Kingdom
3. Rats
4. The Legendary Fish Of The Mediterranean Sea
5. The Key To Quantum Physics
6. A Tour Of British Duck Ponds
7. Showdown At Horseshoe Pass
8. Heads Up
9. Longhaired Git
10. Twopenny Pigs