Frankie – Als Sneeuw Voor De Zon – Vinyl

Band: Frankie

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR45060


Here comes the very brilliant and very first single‐release by young, aspiring talent FRANKIE (THE
COLOUR COLLECTION, THE BALLET BOMBS) from the Netherlands: Double edged songs like a head in the clouds and roots from your feet. Written like a dream but grounded in reality.

On this 7’’ you’ll find whimsical Nederbeat and psychedelic folk songs about melancholic fairytales
and strange books. It contains a healthy amount of escapism and “Als Sneeuw Voor De Zon“
(translated: Like snow In front of the sun, a Dutch saying for something not lasting long) will have the
coolest rock‘n’rollers jigging about in fairytale land and the poetics analyze whilst stomping their

For fans of the strange books of Jorge Luis Borges there is the beautiful psych folk song “The Library
of Babel’’ about the book of the same name, a mysterious and strange tale about an infinite library.
The last song of the 7’’ is “You Won’t Let Down Your Hair“, a fairy tale about an unworthy prince.
This 45 is a must have for fans of: Syd Barrett, Boudewijn de Groot, Jacco Gardner, Love, Donovan,
Forest, Bohemian Vendetta, The Left Banke, Nirvana (UK) & The Fool

1. Als Sneeuw Voor De Zon
1. The Library Of Babel
2. You Won’t Let Down

GENRE: Beat/Folk/Psychedelic
BARCODE: 4251896104662