Gerry Bright & The Stokers – Stand Up! This Is… – Vinyl

Band: Gerry Bright & The Stokers

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl


GERRY BRIGHT AND THE STOKERS are based in Rennes, France and draw their inspiration from raw sixties punkrock bands. Their formula is quite simple: guitar, vocals, hammond and drums, yet it is a perfect match for rock’n’roll and will make you shake your ass and dance all night long! The trio started to share their music with their live-audience in 2014 and after releasing a 7” and a mini-album on CD (GBTS! Records) they are now ready for their first full album as LP and CD “Stand Up This is…” released by SOUNDFLAT RECORDS.

It is a perfect mix between soul and rock’n’roll – a strong guitar, groovy hammond, catchy melodies with powerful vocals, an uptempo full-on beat that put you in an out-of-control dance-mood. It’s the kind of trip that makes your pelvis undulate, a total letgo, music as a release. Their raving instrumentals are just as captivating as their vocal tunes. It is simple, brutal, straight to the point, no need to bother with frills: three chords and a frenzied rhythm, that’s enough to awake the groovy devil inside you. And since there’s no chance that their music will be admitted to heaven, let’s have fun right here and right now! A dynamited hammond organ, a crunchy guitar and powerful drums… that’s what they play, that’s what they like. And it’s called rock’n’roll. Welcome to Stokerland!

GENRE: Hammond/Garage/Rock/Soul
BARCODE: 4250137288321

1. IntrodAction
2. Daisy Was Wrong
3. The Stoker
4. Devil’s Up
5. Sugar Town
6. Heavy Trip #2
7. Glory A
8. Psycho Sonic
9. How It Feels
10. Soul Jammin‘
11. This Way Back