Gnod – Live At Roadburn 2022 – Limited Vinyl

Band: Gnod

Label: Roadburn Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: RBR080LP


As Vice says: Gnod Is Sometimes Sludgy, Always Loud, and Never Bored.
“Over the past few years, Gnod have steadily emerged as one of the most captivating underground acts in the UK. Vehemently averse to stagnation, their sonic experiments veer from Hawkwind‐like space rock to homebrewed industrial techno, incorporating virtually everything in between. In 2015, they released the critically‐acclaimed triple‐LP Infinity Machines, a psych‐jazz bad trip of Herculean proportions.”

Regimental (2022)
Town (2022)
Pink Champagne Blues (2022)
Spotlight (2022)
Skies Are Red (2022)
Still Running (2022)
Learn To Forgive (2022)
Bodies For Money (2022)

GENRE: Trance/Psych/Rock
BARCODE: 9506885641563