Goatcraft – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi – CD

Band: Goatcraft

Label: I Voidhanger Records

Format: CD


The best GOATCRAFT album to date, “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” exhibits the next evolutionary step for sole member Lonegoat’s blend of Necroclassical music. Apex piano fury follows linear yet flowing paths. In addition, tasteful dark ambiance serves as a buffer to affix a modicum of diversity to the presentation. The spirit of metal is intact; power, darkness, and occasional high melodicism are presented in impermeable form to grant the most imposing expression of the project. This is not an exiguous endeavor. GOATCRAFT has proven that even piano compositions can contend with the sonic might of extreme metal. Conceptually, the album is informed by esoteric interpretations of ancient Greece with a tittle of indulgence. The concept may seem loose at first glance, but it makes sense when considered through an occult lens.

Furthermore, “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” finalizes the ABYSS concept, a five-album conception showcasing Lonegoat’s personal groundless chaos beneath all grounds:
A)ll For Naught
Y)ersinia Pestis
S)ic Transit Gloria Mundi

GENRE: Neoclassical/Black Metal
BARCODE: 5902693144960

1. Redivivus (3:20)
2. Nous Aflame (4:03)
3. Bleeding Caldera (3:40)
4. Deipnon (3:40)
5. Abundance Of Suffering (4:18)
6. Inhibitory Gnosis (3:38)
7. Orphic Emesis (2:58)
8. Henosis (3:43)
9. Desolate Ways (1:35)
10. Thus Passes Worldly Glory (3:43)
Total Time 35:00