Gore Dimension – Ethereal Realm – CD

Band: Gore Dimension

Label: Coyote Records

Format: CD


The band founded in Ankara 2018 by Ateş Baran Tüzün. Ateş couldn’t find suitable players for this band so he worked session with Lille Gruber.in 2019 Gore Dimension released their first product Crypts of Obscurity. After signing with Coyote Records Yunus Efe and Eren Gürsoy joined the band. During the final stage of recording the band become what it is now. Lyrics are about abstract brutality and reality. Ethereal Realm is a new joint between bdm and our worlds.The band had no chance to play at some live shows because of the pandemic.

The band wants to fill the bdm gap in their generation. No more comments just brutality.
Band members Inhuman Depravity, ex-Decaying Purity, Makattopsy the fans of brutal death , oldschool death metal and techno brutal in general + slam elements

02. Summoning for the Endless Obliteration
03. Roots of Unmerciful
04. Reborn From Abstract
05. I Savor Like Entrails of Mad Children
06. Fradulent Memoriam
07. Drawned and Suffocated
08. Agateophobia
09. Devouring the Gods
10. Outro

GENRE: Brutal Death Metal
BARCODE: 195999829401