Gruesome Stuff Relish – Back From The Dead And Ready To Party – CD

Band: Gruesome Stuff Relish

Label: Meat 5000 Records

Format: CD


Gruesome Stuff Relish live album made during their comeback (2013), live album not live recording. Anyhow this masterpiece has been only released in 100 copies cardboardsleeve and got sold out some days after. Contains most of their early era “hits”, This definitive edition includes their live at Obscene Extreme recorded the same year.

– Limited to 500 copies.

1. Extreme Deformity (Intro) / Horror Rises From The Tomb
2. Spaghetti Terror (Is Pretty Cool)
3. Broken Gravestones
4. Zombie Creeping Flesh
5. The Dead Will Walk The Earth / Enchanted Bodies
6. Full Moon Ritual
7. Zombified Crowd
8. The Symbol Of Tupinambra
9. Love Goddess Of The Cannibals
10. Broken Gravestones (live)
11. The Dead Will Walk The Earth (live)
12. Spaghetti Terror (Is Pretty Cool) (live)
13. Desecrated (live)
14. Psychoslasher (live)
15. Eaten Alive (live)
16. Zombie Creeping Flesh (live)
17. Became a Zombie (live)
18. Love Goddess Of The Cannibals (live)
19. The Symbol Of Tupinambra (live)

GENRE: Old School Grind
BARCODE: 712221449581