Hammers Of Misfortune – The Bastard – Vinyl

Band: Hammers Of Misfortune

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Format: Vinyl


The Ultimate Vinyl re-release of a classic album that set the standard for genre-defying, forward-thinking metal!

Twenty years after its original release, Hammers of Misfortune’s classic The Bastard debut is getting the vinyl treatment, complete with never-before-seen artwork and a new mastering job!
Well into his career as the leader of Hammers of Misfortune, as well as a vital member of Ludrica and Vhol, John Cobbett started to peel back the onion regarding his creative process.

He needs sufficient time to get into the swing of writing an album. Once he does, it becomes all-consuming. Cobbett cannot stop; it deprives him of sleep and turns him into a taskmaster. But, it’s for one perfectly good reason: He has to finish the album and release his art into the world.
Hammers of Misfortune’s 2001 debut, The Bastard, was the beginning of a journey that has made the San Francisco outfit one of metal’s most unique and cherished bands. Just in time for its 20th anniversary, Cruz Del Sur Music is releasing the album for the first time on vinyl.

Written throughout 1999, The Bastard was demoed on Cobbett’s four-track recorder. The recording process — which featured the Hammers lineup of Cobbett, guitarist/vocalist Mike Scalzi (Slough Feg), bassist Janis Tanaka (P!nk) and drummer Chewy Marzolo — then tracked in the band’s rehearsal room to an old 8-track reel-to-reel by their friend, Rich Morin, who, according to Cobbett, was just starting the learn the ins-and-outs of audio engineering. Cobbett oftentimes cut his vocal parts well into the night, sometimes having to do battle with another local band bashing out Rush covers. Eventually, Cobbett completed his vocals on Halloween night, 1999, alone in the dark.

The release will feature unreleased photos from Cobbett’s collection, as well as never-before-seen artwork that never made it to the original CD pressing. It will also be a double LP with one “act” per side since the album is comprised of three acts, with a silkscreen design comprising side four. The Bastard re-release comes with vinyl-specific mastering courtesy of longtime engineer Justin Weis, a booklet full of lyrics and artwork restored by Annick Giroux of Temple of Mystery Records and in colored vinyl with gold and black splatter.

Currently in the throes of writing a new Hammers studio album, Cobbett has a special affinity for The Bastard — he can clearly recall what he was aiming for with every part. Unlike any album of its time, The Bastard was a metal opera for a new generation of metal fans who pined for something more. Twenty years after its release, The Bastard, as well as Hammers, resonate more than ever.

1. The Dragon Is Summoned 2. The Bastard Sapling 3. On Wings of Vengeance 4. Hunting Tyrant 5. You Should Have Slain Me 6. An Oath Sworn In Hell 7. The Blood Ax Speaks 8. Tyrant Dies 9. The Witch’s Dance 10. The Prophecy Has Two Meanings 11. The New King’s Lament 12. For The Ax 13. Troll’s March 14. Sacrifice / The End

GENRE: Heavy Progressive Metal
BARCODE: 8032622215960