Highmarts, The – World Tour – Greatest Hits + Dodgy Demo – Vinyl


Band: Highmarts, The

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR139


Tokyo‐based THE HIGHMARTS are two young girls and a boy continuing the tradition of Japanese garage rock while taking inspiration from the 60s ‘Group Sound’ through to 70s punk and slowly taking over the world with their primitive fuzz guitar sound.

After their sold‐out first CD “Early Recordings” on Sazanami Records, their fabulous debut 7” “I Want You Bad” on Radio Underground Records and their brilliant 7” on Soundflat Records, “Hey Boy”, the time was right for some more HIGHMARTS‐greatness. Now the trio’s long‐awaited first LP “World Tour – Greatest Hits + Dodgy Demo” is finally released by SOUNDFLAT RECORDS!

On the “Greatest Hits”‐A‐Side of the LP you can find the title song of their hit single “I Want You Bad” as well as two very powerful live versions of their second 7” “Hey Boy” and the stunning “Flamin’ Sunset”, that show off the band’s very strong and wild live‐sound. They also included a coverversion of the Japanese Garage‐psych‐classic “I’m Just A Mops” and a cool version of “C.C. Rider”.

The ”Dodgy Demo”‐B‐Side of the LP starts off with the wild instrumental “Test Driver” (original by Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys) and a stomping garage‐version of “Hound Dog”. Following up are “That Summer Feeling” and “I’m So Sorry” with a dreamy, melancholic touch and the right dose of Japanese pop with beautiful vocal harmonies and psychedelic wah‐waheffect.

The LP finishes off with the catchy garage‐pop‐punk‐tune “It’s All Over Now” and finally a downright fantastic version of The Easybeats’ “Sorry”. Don’t miss out on the HIGHMARTS first vinyl‐album and get ready to fall in love with that very unique HIGHMARTS‐sound!

1. I Want You Bad
2. I Am Just A Mops
3. Hold Me
4. C.C. Rider
5. Hey Boy (Live Version)
6. Flamin’ Sunset (Live Version)
1. Test Driver
2. Hound Dog
3. That Summer Feeling
4. I’m So Sorry
5. It’s All Over Now
6. Sorry

GENRE: 60s Garage/Rock
BARCODE: 4251896104747
RELEASE DATE: 04/08/2023

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