Intolerant – Primal Future – Vinyl

Band: Intolerant

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: Vinyl


INTOLERANT, as a project, arose from the need of putting the hate and social distress built up
during the years of Antihuman War Machine and Soul Devourer into music.
“Primal Future” is the first chapter and will be released by Time To Kill Records.
The album has 10 tracks inspired by the mid 90s Black/Death Metal scene, with an experimental
touch (cyberdrumming) and noise/industrial elements.
Lyrics go about apocalyptic scenarios where man, victim and perpetrator, gets back to a pure
trivial survival existence.
Deprived of any modern comfort, man must face social violence, cannibalism and human sacrifices
with magical purposes.
This album is a written version of the human race’s future.

1. Bastard Humans
2. Ode To Virus
3. Post-atomic Satanic Whores
4. Demonic Battle Beasts Of Victory
5. Primal Future
6. Eternal Radioactive Darkness
7. Attack!
8. Dishonor Blood With Blood
9. From Nuclear Power To Spiked Bat
10. Intolerance

GENRE: War Metal
BARCODE: 7427129388834