Korzus – Sonho Maniaco – Vinyl


Band: Korzus

Label: Lost Realm Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: REALM070LP


Highly underrated, Brazilian Metal is for us an inexhaustible realm filled with quality. It’s because we want to show this quality to the world that we bring here our “Heavy Brazil” series once again. After the first two chapters, where we brought thrash legends VODU with their first two albums (“The Final Conflict” and “Seeds Of Destruction”), the time has come to present a new chapter of this series.

For all those who are fans of Brazilian thrash, KORZUS’ first studio album needs no special introduction. “Sonho Maníaco” (Portuguese for ‘Maniac Dream’) is by all parameters a thrash metal classic! With a total of 7 songs, “Sonho Maníaco” has everything you’d expect from an 80’s thrash album: speed, aggression and a good dose of insanity!

Originally released in 1987 and being a highly sought after record by collectors, it is with great pleasure that we bring you the first vinyl reissue of “Sonho Maníaco”! Get ready for another ultra-limited edition by our label, with all the extras our followers are used to. 

Limited to 200 numbered copies in black vinyl, this edition includes:
• Lyrics insert
• Band promo photo
• Hand numbered certificate card

Side A:
1. Anjo Do Mal
2. Juízo Final
3. Suícido
4. Caminhando Nas Trevas
Side B:
1. Sonho Maníaco
2. Guerra Nuclear
3. Paraíso Da Morte

GENRE: Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 5601120135259
RELEASE DATE: 06/10/2023

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