La Menade – Reversum – CD


Band: La Menade

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: TTK086


La Menade was founded in Rome in 2000.
It’s an explosion of grace and rage, fall and rebirth. An original mix of metal, dark, electro and progressive, embellished with a poetically intimate lyrical fabric.

Three albums released and an enthusiastic response from the public and trade press: the Ep “Conflitti e Sogni” in 2005, for Load Up Records (with its more than 3,000 copies sold), 2007’s “Male di Luna,” proudly self‐produced, and “DisumanaMente” (Valery Records, 2014). Countless live performances all over Italy, the first place at the first edition of the contest organized by the Roma Rock Festival, a broadcast dedicated to the band on RaiUno, the participation in two movie soundtracks and the national final of the W:O:A Metal Battle Italy in 2015: the girls impose their presence on the underground scene, showing up themselves with a totally personal, recognizable and original songwriting, accompanied by a high‐impact live grip.

After years of waiting, and Chiara’s departure from the band, La Menade returns with a new album.
The soul of the band, Tatiana (vocals and guitar), Tanya (keyboards) and Laura (drums), meets the bass of Luciana “Lux” and finally finds its voice again in “Reversum”: a fourth album about the destruction of what was, a disillusioned look at the ruins of this world, where beauty no longer has any value and humanity definitely disappears. The sound becomes darker and more enveloping, Italian gives way to English: a new, different, deliberately experimental Menade.

“Reversum,” anticipated by the video of the first single “Oblivion,” the result of a collaboration with the digital artist Igor Imhoff, will be released in the early autumn via TimeToKill Records. Reversum is the destruction of all that was, a disillusioned look at the ruins of this world, where beauty no longer has any value and humanity definitely disappears. It is rock and flames. Earth and fire. The sound is deep and enveloping; the lyrics, for the first time in English, reveal the suffering and discomfort of accepting
an announced decay. It is the first chapter of a potentially universal path that, starting from the darkness, destruction and rubble of the contemporaneity, will lead to the construction of a new horizon in which to regain lost harmony and beauty.

1. Life Resounds
2. Alone
3. Black Days
4. Oblivion
5. Zero
6. Beauty Has Gone
7. Release Me
8. Closer
9. Reversum

GENRE: Alternative Rock
BARCODE: 7427244450706
RELEASE DATE: 10/11/2023

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