Land Of The Snow, The – As Within So Without – Vinyl


Band: Land Of The Snow, The

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SSR089


The Land of the Snow is a project and a state of mind of Joel Gilardini (baritone guitars, electronics, and drums programming), backed up on drums by Jacopo Pierazzuoli (Obake, Morkobot, and Deneb).
TLOTS is devoted to massive, metal-oriented soundscapes: a constantly evolving sludgy mix of doom and post metal (often seasoned with noise and dub elements), which often takes its inspiration from alpine landscapes and Tibetan traditions.

The new album “As Within, So Without” (2023, Subsound Records) is about what’s inside us, how we interact with the outside, and vice versa. Everything we do and experience through our thoughts, our skin, and our actions, constantly influence our inner selves and our surroundings. It’s a constant exchange and confrontation that drives our lives and pushes us to widen our horizons with each step we take.

“As Within, So Without” was conceived together with Jacopo Pierazzuoli (drums), Eraldo Bernocchi (mix and additional guitars), and Petulia Mattioli (artwork). Joel is an experimental guitarist and sound designer, based in Zurich (Switzerland). Beside TLOTS, he is also known for his ambient-drone works (released on labels like ZeroK, Unexplained Sounds Group and Endtitles) and is a member of the noiseindustrial combos Mulo Muto (with Attila Folklor, CH) and Psychic Drones (with Kazuyuki Kishino, JP).

1. Sky Burial Ritual
2. Boundless Charnel Grounds
3. Nagas
4. Rotten Skin
5. Ocean’s Ether
Side B
1 Thousand Wrong Directions
2. Wrathful Offerings
3. Dancing On Broken Bones
4. As Within, So Without

GENRE: Ambient/Doom Metal/Experimental
BARCODE: 0701919898107
RELEASE DATE: 17/11/2023

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