Les Robots – Extracts From The Multiverse – Vinyl

Band: Les Robots

Label: Topsy Turvy

Format: Vinyl


Your favourite bastards from outer space are back! ‘Extracts from the Multiverse’ is a 7” EP designed to
prepare humans for a full-length album by the fabulous LES ROBOTS coming later this year.
D.V.R. and R-JoHN have been updated with new software which makes them twice as productive and
even more versatile – as far as versatile goes for instrumental music machines from outer space – so be

On this recording you will hear a small selection of experiences and encounters from their quest through the multiverse translated to audio. To make this experience as enjoyable as possible, D.V.R. and R-JoHN use sounds and styles from their favourite human musicians, artists and bands. Listen closely and you can hear the Clavioline-madness of JOE MEEK and RAY CATHODE, the guitar-savageness of LINK WRAY and the straight out spacey-abstractness of TOM DISSEVELT and KID BALTAN. Enough to drive any human insane!

Released by the good humans from Topsy Turvy Records (a division of Soundflat Records) because they
care about mankind!

1. No Response from Albert II
2.The Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti Waltz
1. Inside the Monolith
2. Hommage au Le Trio Fantastique

GENRE: Instrumental/Surf/Exotica
BARCODE: 4250137288406