Lore City – Participation Mystique – Vinyl

Band: Lore City

Label: Lore City Music

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: LCM8802


“Participation Mystique” is the fourth studio album from Portland, Oregon art rock duo, Lore City. The band combines elements of psychedelic rock, post-rock, dark wave, and dream pop into a luscious and evocative sound. To these ears, they reside somewhere on an astral level adjacent to what a collaboration between the Sisters of Mercy and Dead Can Dance would sound like. One could easily describe their new single, ‘I Know You Know,’ as a cerebral elegy cascading with surrender… and ‘I Know You Know’ as a tribal drumbeat awash in a turbulent sea… a phantom ship crying out across swirling seas.” 

Or you could join POST-PUNK in commending Lore City for their spiritual exploration of sound — “their own unique dive into the Akashic records of the collective conscious.” Important music. You might well kick yourself a couple of years from now for not paying attention sooner… or could of course save yourself the pain and dive in to Lore City’s music now.

Track Listing:
Side A:
1. And Tomorrow [3:08]
2. Once-returner [5:13]
3. I Know You Know [4:24]
4. Your Love [3:58]
5. I Am the One [5:29]
Side B:
1. Parallel [6:02]
2. Buttons [4:50]
3. Original Feeling [7:24]
4. Elapse [4:53]

GENRE: Art Rock
BARCODE: 7321170286371