Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte – This Savaging Disaster – Vinyl

Band: Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl


The new Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte album “This Savaging Disaster” is the thirteenth in the long history of the Roman band and comes in two versions LP (8 tracks) and Tape (with 3 bonus tracks) on Subsound Records. The title is inspired by a James Ellroy quote, in turn borrowed from WH Auden, “this storm, this devastating disaster.”

It is a brutal act of resignation that looms in times of uncertainty, wars, pandemics, private hells. Stylistically it is the umpteenth step forward in the sound research of a band that has long developed a distinctive sound, anchored between noir jazz, dark ambient and electronic, but which at each new release is able to renew itself and show new nuances. In this record the post-jazz echoes, recalled in the instrumental “Dust is your Empty Road” and in the dreamy “Blue Dream”, leave room for cold sounds in which the post-industrial background emerges naturally. 

This is the case of “This Savaging Disaster” (the single accompanied by the video shot by Paola Favari): a desperate declaration of love for all the defeated, in which you can breathe the sense of catastrophe, in a sound that summarizes all souls of MMM: from the most recent “Noir Jazz Femdom” and “Hiver Noir”, up to now cult records like “Black Lake Confidence” and “Funeral Jazz”, without ever forgetting the origins of “Black Rubber Exotica” and the seminal “Profilo Ottimale delle Ferite”. “Conquistadores” is the end of a lascivious love, told in an upbeat launched in a vortex of depravity, between intertwining saxophone and a disturbing vocal effort.

In “Bright Eyes”, on the other hand, the liquid and suspended sounds refer to Atrax Morgue, Coil and PsychicTV, inspirations never hidden and proudly displayed here. There is room for “razor-sharp dark techno turned into jazz doom” as in “… and I love you anyway”, and for an apocalyptic doom / dub in “Love me like a black mass”, an oppressive track that prepares for the final disaster. In “This Storm” the darkest hour is now revealed, hope is just a distant recall: this savaging disaster is now fulfilled. In the Tape version, three additional bonus tracks add more despair, including impro-jazz, IDM and doom / drone / ambient monoliths.

The disc was composed in separate moments between Rome, Atlanta and Brussels together with the trumpeter Izzy Op De Beeck, and then played together in the studios in Rome, where the mixing and mastering was completed with Fabio Fraschini, now a collaborator of the band since “Hiver Noir “onwards. Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte is Adriano Vincenti, Lorenzo Macinanti, Pierluigi Ferro, Riccardo Chiaretti.

Side A
1.dust is your empty road (3:20)
2.this savaging disaster (4:11)
3.conquistadores (5:01)
4.bright eyes (3:09) dream (4:11)
Side B
1….and i love you anyway (6:35) me like a black mass (4:43)
3.this storm (7:20)

GENRE: Noir Jazz/Dark Jazz/Experimental
BARCODE: 0631978873428