Martin Stone – Down But Not Out In Paris & London: The Mad Dog Chronicles – CD

Band: Martin Stone

Label: Shagrat Records

Format: CD


4 CD set with hard back book chronicling ex-Mighty Baby/Savoy Brown/Chilli Willi/101-ers and Pink Fairies guitar legend Martin Stone between 1992 and his death in 2016. Also, one of the world’s most celebrated antiquarian book dealers, in 1969 Martin was shortlisted to replace Brian Jones in the Stones

Disc 1: Almost Presley:
Track 1: That Kinda Love.
Track 2: Cotton Eye Joe.
Track 3: House of the Rising Sun.
Track 4: Jeanne d’Arc.
Track 5:Love in Vain.
Track 6: Little Girl Blues.
Track 7:Book by the Cover.
Track 8: Do that Dance.
Track 9: Lost her skin.
Track 10: Mariylyn.
Track 11: Orange Blossom/Southern Can.
Track 12: Heroes & Prophets.
Track 13: Levee Breaks.
Track 14: Black Train.

Disc 2: Tallahassee Rent Boys:
Track 1: Hey Gyp.
Track 2: Just like the Devil.
Track 3: Headed for A Fall Totall Hank
Track 4: Hallelujah I Love her So.
Track 5: Transfusion.
Track 6: Monster Mash
Martin Stone:
7. You just A Fool.
Track 8. Telephone Kisses.
Track 9: Headed for the Graveyard.
Track 10: Dose of Love

Disc 3:
Martin Stone and Matt Deighton:
Track 1: Blaze of Light.
Track 2: Jug of Love.
Mighty Baby 2006 (Live)
Track 3: India
Martin Stone & Wolf People:
Track 4: Star Shell

Disc 4
Track 1: Evil.
Track 2: Checkin’ My Email.
Track 3: Sugar Coated Love
Stephane Eden
Track 4: Madame Reve.
Track 5: Elle n’aime pas mes chansons.
Les Soucoupes Violentes:
Track 6: Johnny Tonnerre.
Track 7: Tea Walk.
Track 8: Unde Idee du Paradis.
Track 9: Encore
Clay Harper & the Pierced Hearts
Track 10: Martin

GENRE: Blues/Psychedelic/Folk Rock/Americana
BARCODE: 5051078982526