Mephorash – 1557 – Rites Of Nullification – CD


Band: Mephorash

Label: Odium

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: ARTDIGICD017
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Mephorash is a cult, Swedish Black Metal band from Sweden with very unique, mystical vibe. Album “1557 Rites…” is considered as their best album and one of the best black metal albums from Sweden in recent years.

Reelased as beautiful digi pack with gold ink and hot foil + booklet.

1. Riphyon ‐ The Tree of Assiyah Putrescent
2. Phezur ‐ Dissolving the Sea of Yetzir
3. Cheidolun ‐ Destroying the Blade of Beriah
4. Berberioth ‐ Vandalising the Throne of Atziluth

GENRE: Black Metal
BARCODE: 5902768610154
RELEASE DATE: 06/10/2023

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