Mergers, The – Three Apples In The Orange Grove – CD

Band: Mergers, The

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: CD


After three fabulous digital single‐releases in advance, here comes the eagerly awaited third album by THE MERGERS!

While their smashing debut album “Monkey See, Monkey Do!” sold out in no time and the four boys from Nuremberg delivered mindblowing live‐shows all over Germany, Europe and even during a two‐week‐long tour through Japan, they also released their fantastic second album “With A Carrot And A Stick”. With their songwriting and arrangement strongly influenced by British rock‐ and popculture, THE MERGERS capture their audiences not only on stage, but also attract an international fanbase that is completely addicted to their recordings. It goes without saying that for SOUNDFLAT RECORDS once again there was absolutely no question about releasing the band’s third album (LP, CD and digital release) “Three Apples In The Orange Grove”.

The record’s very first song “Outta My Way” is pretty similar to what you might expect from your favourite German beat‐quartet THE MERGERS – a smashing hit‐title, that is extremely catchy with powerful guitars and a spot‐on beat. Yet, it becomes clear very soon, that this album differs quite a bit from its predecessors. The songs invite to dive into a psychedelic, dreamy and very refined musical symphony. Paisley‐pop‐tunes like “Herman”, “Right As Rain” and “Maybe All You Need Is Time” mix with beautiful ballads like “In Course Of Time” or “Win Hands Down”, the Britpop‐hymn “Better Days” sounding like it should be an OASIS‐hit, and wilder, rockin’ tunes like “End Of The Day” and “Mauerpark”.

With this album it seems the boys from Nuremberg have immersed themselves in the British sound of the late 60’s and merged psychedelic freakbeat‐sounds with their own, unique and timeless, fresh songwriting. With beautiful vocal harmonies and lots of reverb as well as an expansive array of swirling guitars, their sound comes across almost dreamlike, reminding one of bands like TEMPLES, TAME IMPALA, JACCO GARDNER or FOGBOUND.

THE MERGERS’ third album “Three Apples in the Orange Grove” may be somewhat of a musical surprise ‐ however in the best way possible!

Outta My Way 
Herman Maybe 
Seekin’ For The Light 
In Course Of Time 
Till You Get Me 
Dear Ms Allen 

Better Days
All You Need Is Time
End Of The Day
Right As Rain
Sold Down The River
Win Hands Down

GENRE: Psychedelic Rock/Beat/Garage/Pop
BARCODE: 4250137257969