Mooon – Iii – Vinyl


Band: Mooon

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR143


Entering the world of MOOON is like entering a time machine. The young Brabant power trio, consisting of brothers Tom and Gijs de Jong and their cousin Timo van Lierop, takes the listener to the Golden Age of pop music: the heyday of psychedelia in the 60s and 70s.

On their third album ‘III’ the band digs a little deeper into their bag of tricks with trippy sounds. Catchy garage rockers are still represented, but also accompanied by more complex songs. On ‘You Cannot Know’ we hear an extended, jazzy drum solo, ending in an almost baroque outro segment. It is one of the many examples of MOOON’s musical development as a band that we hear on “III”. They still look to the rich past for inspiration, but the trio dives deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole and experiments happily, resulting in a colorful mix of styles and ideas, without sacrificing authenticity and idiosyncrasy for a moment.

For their third full length studio album ”III” (that comes with a printed innersleeve), Dutch time travellers MOOON decided to record it all by themselves. With 12 fresh new songs they spared no effort and spent countless hours making this album sound the way it does. Utilizing Clavioline, cello and reverse tape effects next to their usual arsenal of guitars, drums, bass and the occasional keys, they took their sound to another level. Delivering a diverse collection of songs, which include rockers like “Richard Has A Racecar” and “I Will Get To You” but also trips out with “Living In The Night” and “You Can Not Know”, MOOON has crafted a record that fans of psychedelic music and rock’n’roll alike will love.

1. Rainbow Flowers
2. Richard Has A Racecar
3. Mr. Abelicity
4. How You Really Are
5. You Cannot Know
6. Hurtin’ My Heart
1. I Will Get To You
2. Living In The Night
3. Buy Me A Smile
4. If Only I Knew
5. G.A.S.
6. Toy Gun

GENRE: Garage/Psychedelic/Rock
BARCODE: 4251896104853
RELEASE DATE: 23/02/2024

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