Mythosphere – Pathological – Vinyl

Band: Mythosphere

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: CRUZ610


On their Pathological debut album, Mythosphere re-ignites the flame of classic, emotional metal with eight songs of depth, introspection and harmony. Separately, Dana Ortt, Darin McCloskey, Ron McGinnis and Victor Arduini have been involved in several American doom and epic metal touchstones. Their reputations are built upon their recorded work and live prowess, where metal is at its organic best. While Ortt, McCloskey and McGinnis have been dedicated to Pale Divine and former Fates Warning guitarist Arduini stays busy with a variety of projects, the opportunity to launch an entirely new band with Mythosphere proved too much to resist. Rewind to 2020. Ortt (guitar/vocals) and McCloskey (drums) decided to kick the tires on some ideas meant to go beyond their other priority band, Beezlefuzz.

The songs showed promise, but the pair felt something else was needed — enter former Fates Warning guitarist Arduini, who was brought on board to add solos, soundscapes and creative flourishes. McGinnis completed the quartet and Mythosphere (“the sacred narrative that permeates human life”) was born in 2021. It was a winding course their Pathological debut album chartered from when Ortt and McCloskey first assembled ideas. Piece by piece, the members added new layers of depth to a style that blends true, vintage doom with progressive rock before they entered Tiny Castle Recording Studio with engineer Noel Muller.

(Arthur Rizk of Cavalera Conspiracy, Eternal Champion, Kreator and Sonja fame mastered the album.) Indeed, the regular overlay of acoustic guitars and bounty of striking melodies gives Pathological its remarkable, haunting intrigue. It is a body of work that regularly challenges and comforts the listener, particularly from Ortt’s plaintive vocals and Arduini’s acoustic textures and lead playing.

1. Ashen Throne
2. King’s Call to Arms
3. For No Other Eye
4. Pathological
5. Walk in Darkness
6. Star Crossed
7. No Halo
8. Through the Night

GENRE: Progressive Heavy Doom Metal
BARCODE: 8032622216103