Nemorensis/Monvment – Nemorensis/Monvment – Vinyl

Band: Nemorensis/Monvment

Label: Pacific Threnodies

Format: Vinyl


NEMORENSIS / MONVMENT is a monolithic split LP of intensely atmospheric black metal.
MONVMENT (Sol y Nieve Records, Seven Chains) and NEMORENSIS (Malfet, Murk Rider)
have each prepared a single 23-minute-long hymn to span the sides of this disc. These are meditative spells, extended hallucinations of fear, wonder, and warlike glory, with ambience and aggression in equal measure.

MONVMENT (Idaho, USA) gained notoriety in the underground scene of black metal tape trading with their first release, “I,” (Sol Y Nieve) in 2010 – a startlingly unique blend of dark ambience, power electronics, and intensely ritualistic low-fi black metal, and has remained a staple for those following the likes of Yoga, Reverorum Ib Malacht, Aluk Todolo, etc.

NEMORENSIS (California, USA) was also initiated with a record simply entitled “I” in 2013, followed by the criticallyacclaimed album “The Lady In The Lake,” a single 27-minute long epic piece of transformative ritual ambient black metal. The original CS edition of their third record, “The Fae Queen,” sold out in preorder and garnered multiple additional pressings; featuring a gothic melodicism and thick atmospheric textures reminiscent of such artists as WOODS OF DESOLATION or SEVEROTH. NEMORENSIS made their only live appearance in late 2019, performing “The Lady In The Lake” in its entirety in the natural setting of a cypress grove at the top of a mountain in support of seminal Cascadian black metal bands FAUNA & WITH THE END IN MIND.

NEMORENSIS / MONVMENT is released on limited-edition silver 12” record in silk-screened LP jacket with color doublesided photo & lyrics insert. Mastered by Mammoth Sound, with artwork by Reuben Sawyer / Rainbath Visual (Deafheaven, Thou, etc) and photography by Ian Thompson.

GENRE: Black Metal
BARCODE: 198002390097

1. Nemorensis – Maiden of the White Hands
2. Monvment – Luminate Portare (In The Face of Dead Tongues)