Neptunian Maximalism – Set Chaos To The Heart Of The Moon, Live At Roadburn Redux 2021 – Vinyl + DVD

Band: Neptunian Maximalism

Label: Roadburn Records

Format: Vinyl + DVD


At Roadburn, there is seldom a shortage of music that defies description, but Neptunian Maximalism exist in a sonic realm several steps beyond that. Last year’s extraordinary Éons album invited listeners into an entirely alien and exhilarating new world of sound, where ancient and ritual percussions and atmospherics collide with a densely lysergic strain of avant‐garde doom, scorched‐earth free jazz and an irresistible fog of tweaked‐out spirituality. Unleashed on a stage, the possibilities for this utterly unique and amorphous ensemble are limitless. The Belgians’ Roadburn Redux set is guaranteed to be a life‐changer.

1. Sustain 8:21
2. Zar‐ Empowering The Phurba 6:45
3. VAJRABHAIRAVA The Summoning 9:46
4. VAJRABHAIRAVA The Rising 2:10
5. VAJRABHAIRAVA The Great Wars 6:48
6. Oi Sonuf VaoresajI 6:17
7. Neptune’s Rising 1:58
8. The conference of the stars Part 1 8:03
9. The conference of the stars Part 2 10:12
10. Neptunian’s Raga  Marwa 5:10

GENRE: Drone/Rock/Ritual
BARCODE: 9502254923780