Nero Kane – Of Knowledge And Revelation – CD

Band: Nero Kane

Label: Subsound Records

Format: CD


Of Knowledge and Revelation, Nero Kane’s third studio album, was created with the same team of
the previous one: it was recorded near Venice in a fertile collaboration with producer Matt Bordin
(Squadra Omega / Omega Mai / Italian Occult Psychedelia) of Outside Inside Studio, and features
visual artist, performer and filmmaker Samantha Stella, whose voice has been defined as “evoking
the ghost of Nico”. In the last five years Kane and Stella performed together for Nero Kane’s
concerts in clubs, theaters, churches, museums and art galleries in Italy, Europe, UK and Los Angeles.

Their live performances have been described as journeys through darkness and melancholy, with the
creation of a morbid beauty and an intensity which make them unique. The album is launched by the
video for the lead single Lady of Sorrow shot by Samantha Stella, who directed also the experimental
films for Nero Kane’s previous records, where Kane and Stella are the protagonists. A garden of
dried flowers welcomes the preacher Kane in a visionary and circular journey where love and death
are exchanging their roles as in a Dante’s circle between Heaven and Hell. A reference to the incipit
that introduces the album, an excerpt from the writings of the mystic Mechthild Von Magdeburg,
from which the title of the record is taken.

01 Lady of Sorrow
02 Burn the Faith
03 The Vale of Rest
04 The Pale Kingdom
05 The End, the Beginning, the Eternal
06 Lacrimi și Sfinți
07 The River of Light
08 Sola Gratia

GENRE: Psych Dark Folk/Rituals
BARCODE: 0749355091270