Novelty Island – How Are You Coping With This Century? – Vinyl

Band: Novelty Island

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: Vinyl


2021 debut album from Liverpool’s Novelty Island is a wonderful piece of pop magic cloaked in a warm-blanket of familiarity with its rich 1960’s melodies and harmonies and ace musicianship. Sunny, quasi-psychedelic songcraft on tracks like “Cowboy On A Bicycle” and “Blackcurrant Sky,” mix with insistent alt-pop credentials such as Graham Coxon-indebted “Michael Afternoon” and the free flow of the one-day recordings such as album opener, “This Bird.” Criss-crossed with cello, harmonium, horns and banjo, How Are You Coping With This Century? is an engine of parts that appear random, yet purrs with cultured reliability.

Named #17 best album of 2021 by Shindig! Magazine.

Side One
1. This Bird
2. Cowboy On A Bicycle
3. Michael Afternoon
4. Ladybird
5. Jangleheart
6. Blackcurrant Sky
Side Two
1. Citrus Wood
2. Listen
3. Blank Wine
4. I’ll Sleep In April
5. Turtle Rock
6. Yes

GENRE: 60s Influenced Indie Rock/Alt Pop/Psychedelic
BARCODE: 724049407421