Partners In Crime, The – Chain Breakers – Vinyl

Band: Partners In Crime, The

Label: Topsy Turvy Records

Format: Vinyl


THE PARTNERS IN CRIME and TOPSY‐TURVY RECORDS are happy to present “Chain Breakers”, the second album by the Sicilian / Florentine band active since 2015. This album follows the highly acclaimed debut album “Hoodoo Souls”and the “Locked up” digital EP (GOOMPA REC). This is a record that digs deep with a dark but never pessimistic sound and a hint of irony. It is a handbook of American Roots Music so loved by the band, which is treated with great respect for tradition but at the same time the need for THE PARTNERS IN CRIME to contaminate it with new ideas is evident. It is at this point that the Blues, Rockabilly, Garage and the characteristic “Hoodoo Sound” of the band spontaneously mix in a cocktail with strong flavours.

The album consists of 12 songs, 8 of which are original and 4 re‐adaptations. The album opens with “One Way Ticket”, a song that immediately clarifies the tone and intentions of the band; a garage / rock’n’roll bomb that explodes on first impact. It continues with “Cold Wind Blows”, seasoned with an atmosphere and sound sons of the great JOHNNY CASH and MIKE NESS. The album rises in intensity with “I Wanna See You Naked” and its incessant shuffle to then land on the funny “Hey Nick” which sounds like a tribute to the band’s swing roots.

You also find a fine tribute to HOWLIN’ WOLF with “Evil” and RAY CHARLES with his “Mess Around ”in a version bordering on punk. Side B of the disc opens with the suffering and profound song “Chain”, a very dark Blues with shades bordering on gospel. It continues with a dutiful homage to JOHNNY CASH and a “syncopated” version of his “Big River” and continues with “Needle In The Middle”, a piece that mixes country and punk. “Mother Nature Song” sung by special guest Daniela “Uccia” Di Censi is a piece with a purely rhythm’n’blues skeleton, but with the typical sound power of great garage. The last two tracks bring back the atmosphere to the mid‐fifties period ;and this is how the vocal harmonies of “Cheating Little Baby” and the ballad “Be Mine” close the circle. “Chain Breakers” is an absolutely explosive and infectious mix of Rock’n’Roll/Rockabilly, Garage, Punk, Country and Blues to go wild to!

BARCODE: 4250137288390