Psychomania Rumble – A Psycho-Attack Over Potsdamned – CD

Band: Psychomania Rumble

Label: Halb-7 Records

Format: CD + Photo Book


“Lunatic whitsun meeting” was once written in capital letters in a Potsdam daily newspaper.
Here is the compressed madness between psycho – horror – neo-rockabilly on an exclusive CD with photo book. The first-class and successful compilation comes with mainly unreleased tracks, rare or demo songs. The highlight is the elaborately designed Psychomania Rumble photo book. An A4 format with practical soft cover consists of 140 pages. Hardly anyone will be forgotten here.

Jan-Dean Roestel is a passionate and scene-known photographer from Berlin. Since 2012 he has been documenting the crazy Psychomania hustle and bustle with his camera in front of, on stage and everything off stage. His Psychomania Rumble experiences were elaborately staged by Norman Winter on 140 colored pages.

“I have been accompanying this festival with my camera for 10 years and every single picture has its own story, I hope that my pictures will remind you of some of them or that you will have a look at them and find your friends.” Quotes Roestel…

Psychobilly Sampler with 12 tracks and intro
01. INTRO (1:17)
02. SKITZO … Psychomania (2:50)
03. the GRISWALDS … Psychomania (2:57)
04. the RUSTY ROBOTS … the Fool Who Wasn’t At The Psychomania (1:58)
05. THEE FLANDERS … Psychomania (3:18)
06. die HOLSTEIN ROCKETS … Psychomania (3:14)
07. MAD SIN… Potsdam (2:27)
08. BATMOBILE … Rock & Roll And Alcohol (2:24)
09. the MONSTROSITIES … Psychomania Train (3:13)
10. the MOONSHINE STALKERS … Psychomania (1:38)
11. 28 SPLINE … Psychomania (2:28)
12. the SURFIN RETARDOS … Psychomania Hellbus Society (2:23)
13. SKITZO … Psychomania (Live) (3:30)
14. the QUAKES … Psychofest (1:49)14

GENRE: Psychobilly/Punkabilly/Rockabilly
BARCODE: 4250137242705