Roger Knott – Nashville Sessions – CD


Band: Roger Knott

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: TLAK1158


Introducing Nashville Sessions – the long-awaited compilation from UK singer-songwriter Roger
Knott, whose musical journey dates back to the vibrant 60s and 70s with the band Lifeblud. Now
gaining well-deserved attention, thanks to recently released archive recordings from that era, Roger’s
creativity blossomed in 2004, igniting a prolific songwriting phase that embraced a distinctive country
singer-songwriter style. Drawn to Nashville, his talent caught the ear of esteemed producer Pat
McInerney, leading to collaborations with exceptional musicians like guitarist Thomm Jutz.
Nashville Sessions is a mesmerizing compilation of 48 songs that beautifully bridges the past and
present, granting a rare glimpse into the heartfelt melodies, storytelling, and enduring artistry of Roger

* 350g 6-panel Cardboard Sleeve
* Limited Pressing

1. Call Me Back
2. Seeing Ireland Again
3. High On Leaving
4. Good Times Have None To Spare
5. I Can’t Find Anybody
6. The Sound Of Your Name
7. The Devil Riding By
8. Surprise (Open Your Eyes)
9. Late Bloom
10. Here’s To A Free World
11. Only The Heart Can Sing
12. I Thought You’d Always Be There
13. Reprise – Free World – Call Me Back
14. Follow Your Footsteps
15. Make Your Way In The World
16. Heirlooms
17. Late To The Party
18. The Legend Of Lead Belly
19. Go The Last Mile
20. Easier To Judge
21. Sail Away Blues
22. Dust And Promises
23. Friends You Never Met
24. Red Lights Turn To Green
25. Been Down That Road
26. Sudden Rain
27. When Love Comes Around Again
28. From The Streets
29. Uncle Charlie’s Baton
30. Autograph
31. Bring Me Back A Souvenir
32. Only On Loan
33. Rolling Oceans
34. Crazy Rules
35. Go Back To Dream
36. Younger Days
37. Every Bringdown
38. What We Do To Survive
39. If Love Can Be Saved
40. Paycheck Friday
41. The House Where We Lived
42. All For The Lady
43. Making Plans For A Dying Man
44. Doorways
45. Cutting Edge
46. Steal Some Light
47. Save The President
48. Travelling Through The Music

GENRE: Country
BARCODE: 720053285352
RELEASE DATE: 20/10/2023

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