Saint – Desperate Night (Metal Icon Series) – CD

Band: Saint

Label: Retroactive Records

Format: CD


Originally released in 2012, this is the first time ever to see this classic packaged in a jewel case.
Featuring classic Saint vocalist, Josh Kramer on vocals on 8 tracks, Richard Lynch (2 tracks), and Broad
is the Gate (2014) vocalist, Brian Phyll Miller (1 track). Josh and the gang just keep bringing it. The drums are faster than ever, the bass is amazing, Josh Kramer never fails to impress with his song writing ability and we swear that God him/herself is supplying some of those blood curdling screams! Desperate Night is right on par with Crime Scene Earth, Hell Blade & The Mark. The sound is fat, full and round. It’s hard to describe Saint if you’ve never listened to them but I would compare them in some ways with Judas Priest. (Imagine Stryper on steroids) Saint is a candle in the darkness, they are unbelievably hard core and not ashamed of it. At times it’s as if they are actually battling the Antichrist right there on the track through their insane guitar riffs, double bass beats and powerful screams!

We present a must-have CD reissue – remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, the foil-stamped collector card, and the expanded booklet serious collector’s crave (and jewel case). For fans of Judas Priest, Dokken, and Messiah Prophet!

1 The Crucible 1:14
2 Crucified 3:18
3 The Key 3:35
4 End Of The World 4:13
5 Let It Rock 3:02
6 In The Fray 3:23
7 Inside Out 4:19
8 Desperate Night 4:24
9 Zombie Shuffle 2:41
10 Judgment 4:23
11 To Live Forever 4:41
12 Escape From The Fire 3:19
13 The Crucible [Reprise] 0:29

GENRE: Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 637405140262